The botanical parents of the Cascade Cymbidiums that we grow, grow in dead trees and on rock walls, at an altitude of 1500 to 2200 meters in Taiwan, Vietnam and China. Here it is not necessary for the flowers to stick out above the leaves and so the flowers are hanging. This makes the Cascade Cymbidium so special and loved.

The name Cymbidium is probably derived from the Greek 'kymbos', which means boat, hollow. In this case it refers to the lip shape of the flower. In Asia the plant is often given to friends as a symbol of friendship and respect. With a Cymbidium you not only give a beautiful plant as a gift, you also give a nice message to your loved ones.

The Cascade Cymbidium is an earth orchid. This means that the roots grow in the soil and extracts its food from there (unlike most orchids which extracts the food with their aerial roots). It is a very strong plant that likes to grow in colder conditions. This makes the plant particularly suitable for our climate. The Cymbidiums bloom between October and March, depending on the species. You can expect an average of four weeks of flowering. To get the plant to flower again a year later, you need some patience. But with good care your Cascade Cymbidium will become more beautiful every year.

At LZ Orchids you will find, besides the botanical species, several of our own crosses. In our Shop you can see all types in a row.