COOL LOVING ORCHIDS, from 3 to 23 degrees.

The cymbidium is naturally a winter bloomer, the earliest varieties will give their branches in October and the last in April, what they all have in common - they bloom when the temperatures are not that high. As a result, the beautiful flowers last longer and the insects have longer time to visit them. 

The season when we can buy cymbidiums in the shops is in the winter months, but by placing them in a warm living room, the plants will not bloom as long as they normally would. By placing the plants in a cooler place in the house, hall, conservatory and bedroom, but also in the living room, you will probably have a place by the window where it is a bit cooler. For example, if the plant flowers for 3 weeks in a warm place in the living room, it will soon flowers for 6-8 weeks in a cooler place. And if you have a nice spot on the veranda, it will bloom for perhaps 12 weeks, because as long as it does not fall below zero, the cymbidium can be left outside.  When we think at orchids, we think at tropical temperatures, but for some orchids lower temperatures are much better.