03-01-2024, News about the open day on 20 January

Best wishes for the new year.
May it bring a lot of beauty and health.
The new year has started on the calendar, but with the cymbidiums we live more with the season.
We are now in the middle of the season, the earliest greenhouse is almost empty and in the colder greenhouse we have just picked up the first Auburn.
There is a lot to do during this period, from picking up and preparing for auction, but also putting plants right again. The soil to start potting again has also been ordered.
The plants that we want to use as mother plants are now selected, and as soon as beautiful shoots appear, we can use them to make new meristems.

The temperature in the greenhouse is now around 10-12 degrees, but despite these low temperatures, everything is going on quickly. Branches grow quickly and flowering could
sometimes be a bit quieter, especially around the holidays when sales are a bit more difficult.
It is nice to see that all the energy that the plant has built up and stored in its bulbs and leaves throughout the season is now available to let the branches grow strongly while we are in the middle of winter and have very little light.
So always make sure that the plant grows optimally during the growing season, so that there is enough energy buffer in the dark period for the branches to grow well.
For everyone who would like to take a look at how the cascade cymbidiums grow in our greenhouse, we have an open day on January 20th.
For us a great opportunity to tell the story that there are also orchids  that appreciate a cool place very well and reward this by flowering much longer.
Of course the coffee is ready, all in all a great opportunity to meet other cymbidium lovers.
Opening hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Address Kerklaan 116, in de Lier.