Last week we didn't have the weather that we have when you grow cymbidiums. During the day more than 30 degrees and night temperatures that remained well above 20 degrees. Which resulted in an average 24-hour temperature of more than 27 degrees in the greenhouse. And then the plant temperature even a few degrees higher, despite the chalk on the deck and the mist that turned on regularly .At these moments you see big differences between the species. For example, our "Ice Cascade" doesn't care these temperatures. But our new species "Winn" thinks otherwise, to protect the young shoots the moisture is drawn from the old leaves .Of course a good action for that moment, but it does not make the plant more beautiful. It seems that these species that are a cross between Hutchings and Ice cascade need to be much more protected in this extreme weather. This can be done with more chalk, but also with different food or a different soil mixture. Still to find out for the coming years. It now seems worse than it is, in 8 weeks the new shoots will be so big they will cover the old crop, and the ugliest leaves will fall off. We also see this happen when we put cymbidium plants in the garden, as long as they in the shade under a tree, they stay nice and green, but if they have less shade than they can burn, good for flowering, but not so nice face .