It's been a while since I wrote the last blog and a lot has changed since then.
At the nursery we are always busy making the most beautiful plants with enough branches, then sales usually go well.
However, it now appears how everything is connected, because of the Corona virus, in many countries the advice is to stay at home as much as possible and shops are closed.
Then you can still have the most beautiful plants, we can not do anything with them, while they are very beautiful in the greenhouse.
To be discouraged. We put up a roadside stall to get rid of some plants but this is no more than a single percent of what we have at the moment.
It is fortunate for us in an accident that we are at the end of the season and that the numbers of plants that we should have sold are manageable. But it does mean that we are throwing away beautiful plants and some are taking the branches out and leaving them for another year.
But on the other hand, everything continues as usual, we have repotted the young plants and put the plants that are to bloom next season at the correct distance. But we miss the cheerfulness that is different in the spring.
Let's hope it doesn't take too long and we all stay healthy.